Courses for Umpires

Courses For Umpires

Padel courses for umpires coming soon. The courses provided will be fully compliant with the International Padel Federation.

The special features of padel, which can be played with opaque walls and the lack of means at specific times, means that it is impossible to demand the presence of an Umpire in all matches. When this occurs, the players themselves should apply the Game Rules, as a general rule, each couple umpiring in their own court. In the event that it is not possible to reach an agreement concerning a specific point or action, the presence of the referee will be requested, this person taking the final decision once both sides have been heard. Control of the match by the Umpires and their team can have two different modalities:

Active Umpiring. In active umpiring play stops once the umpire has called a decision signalling all infractions to the rules. II.9.15.

Passive umpiring. In passive umpiring the umpiring team intervenes directly when points named in II.9.14. arise but in all others act at the request of players.

The Chair Umpire shall be obligatory in all finals and semi-finals of the Tournaments included in the I.P.F. Official Calendar and in the World and Continental Championships. It is not obligatory in any Junior World Championship Categories.

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