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You don’t need to be part of a club to affiliate to us, you can join directly as a player.

In order to participate in Official Competitions, players are required to hold the corresponding valid federation licence issued by the Padel Federation of Ireland.


As the only official affiliated federation, we work directly with the International Padel Federation (FIP) to regulate and promote padel as per FIP standards.

It is through affiliation that the padel players in Ireland are brought together and the correct standards are upheld and maintained.

This area of work, among others, includes:

  • Foster the growth and development of the sport of Padel for everyone in Ireland.
  • The Implementation and exchange of policies and guidelines as per Sport Ireland and other regulatory and voluntary agencies within the Irish sports community.
  • To manage a variety of communications programmes with the national padel community, including the sports media and our various web and print publications.
  • Administration of the National Anti-Doping Programme for padel.
  • Structure and a tournament sanction and calendar service.
  • Selection and management of the National Team and organise tournaments internationally.
  • Selection and management of Junior, Senior and Veteran Championships.
  • We operate and manage a sponsored Padel Academy for players of all ages and ability.

Your player affiliation license will provide you with the following:

  • Eligibility to apply to participate in official tournaments both at local and national level.
  • Eligibility to apply to participate in official open selections.
  • Eligibility to apply to participate in the International Padel Federation (FIP) official tournaments, padel circuit, regional and world championships.
  • Eligibility to apply to participate in the European Padel Federation (FEPA) official tournaments.
  • Possibility of taking part in the most important team events and represent the province.
  • Official national ranking service.
  • Access to PFI sponsorship benefits and discounts
  • Newsletter and updates on padel programmes
  • Information and inclusion in padel training and workshops abroad

Your Club affiliation license will provide you with the following:

  • Eligibility to host official tournaments at national / international level (under certain conditions, ie. minimum number of courts, regulation court, etc.)
  • Inclusion in the official PFI calendar
  • Eligibility for your club to participate in the official Irish Padel Tour
  • Eligibility for your club to participate in the Junior programmes and National Championships
  • Linking your club with the official Padel Federation of Ireland sponsors
  • Eligibility for you coaches and players to benefit and attend courses in conjunction with the International Padel Federation
  • Discounts on padel merchandise sales at selected shops, padel lessons and clinics.
  • Any available discounts from our official sponsors.
  • Bullpadel online shop discounts and advertising benefits for clubs.
  • The Padel Federation provides the only recognised coaches training programmes which are certified by the European and International Federations. We can also train the coaches who work at your club.
  • We regard the safety of the children in our sport as a top priority. The Padel Federation’s National Children’s Officer is always available to clubs to provide training and advice.
  • We operate a variety of development initiatives, which are focused on the club and recreational sector in padel. For the most part these programmes are delivered through Regional Development Officers. These initiatives range from Club open days to padel clinics and promotional events.
  • Access to online members’ area and regular newsletter service.

Padel Federation of Ireland License annual fees (capitation fees):


Adults                         18 euro

Juniors (u18)               9 euro


Number of courts:

1 court - 100 euro

2 courts - 200 euro

3 courts - 270 euro

4 courts - 360 euro

5 courts or more - 450 euro

Official competitions: 5 euro per entry fee

-The Padel Federation administrative, technical and development staff are always available to answer all your queries on