Team Ireland European Games 2023 Nomination And Selection Policy

The European Games take place in Kraków, Poland from the 21st June – 2nd July, 2023.

As the recognised National Olympic Committee for Ireland by the International Olympic Committee and European Olympic Committee, the Olympic Federation of Ireland is responsible for the final selection of athletes for Team Ireland at Kraków 2023.  This document outlines clearly to athletes and all stakeholders the full process of the nomination of athletes by the NF and final selection by the OFI to Team Ireland.

This document is subject to the terms and conditions of the European Games 2023 Qualification Guide. All sport specific nomination policies must be read in conjunction with the Kraków 2023 EOC and IF Qualification Guide for that sport.

The Olympic Federation of Ireland shall publish the document containing all nomination policies in its entirety no later than December 31 2022 subject to the publication of the EOC/IF Qualification Guide having occurred. Each National Federation shall publish the general policy section with their sport specific policy prior to this date.


Kraków 2023

See ‘Games’, meaning the Kraków 2023 European Games


means a person who competes in the sport of the NF and is recognised by that NF as eligible for nomination to Team Ireland.

Court of Arbitration for Sport


means the international Court of Arbitration for Sport

Chef de Mission

Chief of Mission. The appointed leader of Team Ireland by the OFI

Chief Medical Officer


means the appointed lead doctor of Team Ireland responsible for all medical issues with the Team

EOC Conditions of Participation

means the document signed by the Team Member in order to permit their participation in the Games and submitted by the OFI to the EOC

European Olympic Committee


means the European Olympic Committee


means the Kraków 2023 European Games

International Federation


means the International Federation for the Sport

Long List


means the list of all Athletes and Sport Specific Support Staff who are recognised by an NF as potentially eligible and capable of being nominated for a Games Team and therefore prospective members of a Games Team

Minimum Qualification Standard


means the minimum performance score set by the relevant IF for a specific sport contained in the Games qualification guide for the sport

National Federation


means the recognised national federation or national governing body of the sport

National Olympic Committee


means the national Olympic committee recognized by the IOC and EOC. In the case of Ireland this is the OFI.

NF Agreement

means the agreement between the OFI and the NF which governs the process by which Athletes and Sport Specific Support Staff are nominated and selected for the Games

NF Appeals Policy

means the policy submitted by the NF to the OFI which governs how an Athlete can appeal a Nomination Decision

NF Nomination Criteria

means the sport specific criteria submitted by the NF to the OFI which governs how an Athlete will be nominated for selection

Nominated Athlete

means an athlete nominated by the NF to the OFI


means the process by which NFs submit the names of Athletes and Sport Specific Support Staff to the OFI for consideration for Selection

Nomination Appeal

has the meaning given to it in clause 6.1 below

Nomination Committee

means the committee appointed by the NF for the purpose of selecting Athletes and Support Staff for Nomination to the OFI.

Nomination Date

means the date specified by the OFI by which time the OFI Nomination List must be submitted to the OFI.

Organising Committee

means the Organising Committee of the Games.

OFI Nomination List

means the list of Nominated Athletes and Support Staff to be submitted to the OFI on or before the Nomination Date.

OFI Medical Data Capture


means the survey issued by the OFI Chief Medical Officer to all Team Members

OFI Selection Committee

means the three-person committee appointed by the OFI Executive Committee for the purposes of selecting Athletes and Support Staff for the Games

Olympic Federation of Ireland


means the National Olympic Committee of Ireland

Pre-Nomination Status

means the intention of the Nomination Committee to either nominate or not nominate an athlete pending any appeal process

Provisional Nomination List

means the list of Athletes and Support Staff provisionally nominated on or before the Provisional Nomination Date.

Provisional Nomination Date

means a date at least 14 days prior to the OFI Nomination Date.

Selection Appeal

has the meaning given to it in clause 6.2 below

Sports Dispute Solutions



means the independent dispute resolution service for sport in Ireland

Support Staff

means the sport specific staff who have been recognised by that NF as eligible for nomination to Team Ireland.

Team Ireland

means all Team Members who are selected or appointed by the OFI for the Games

Team Leader

means the appointed leader of the specific sport

Team Member Agreement


means the OFI’s agreement with Athletes or Support Staff which governs an Athlete’s or Support Staff’s participation in the Games.   

World Anti-Doping Agency


means the World Anti-Doping Agency


The nomination and selection of the athletes to represent Ireland at the Kraków 2023 European Games will be conducted in accordance with the following underlying principles:

    1. Performance – The nomination criteria for each sport are designed to identify those athletes most likely to perform to the highest level at the Games. It is understood that in some instances, an NF may set performance standards that are higher than the minimum qualification standards set by the IF.  NFs are encouraged to do this where they feel the minimum qualification standards of the IF are at a lower level than the performance expectations of the sport nationally.
    1. Quota Places – The decision to accept quota places will be made jointly by the NF and the OFI. In line with principle 1 ‘Performance’, a decision may be made not to accept all quota slots if athletes do not meet the performance standards set by the NF. The official acceptance or rejection of an allocated quota place in writing is the sole responsibility of the OFI.
    1. Transparency, Clarity and Communication– The nomination and selection policy of each NF must be clear and well communicated within a reasonable timeframe to all athletes and coaches to ensure that all stakeholders understand it.
    1. Objective decision making – Where possible decisions of Nomination Committees should be based on objective, measurable criteria. Where subjective criteria need to be included such as within teams or pairings, the process for this must be clearly explained to all stakeholders and the rationale for final decisions outlined in the Nomination Meeting notes.
    1. Fairness – The Nomination process must be fair and operated without bias or prejudice.
    1. Age – The OFI does not set a minimum or maximum age requirement. The age requirement will be in accordance with IF rules for each sport [see sport specific criteria/eligibility].
    1. Universality / Re-allocation place acceptance – In sports where Universality Places are awarded or Re-allocation Places offered, the following criteria will apply:
      1. the decision to apply for such an athlete or team quota slot, will be jointly determined by the NF & OFI.
      2. The OFI will only consider nominations for awarded individual universality or re-allocation quota slots on the basis of the athlete meeting either (a) plus (b) or (a) plus (c) from the following criteria:
        1. The athlete has not competed at a previous European Summer Games.
        2. The athlete has achieved a minimum performance standard as per the sport specific criteria agreed with the NF.
        3. The athlete has not had the opportunity to qualify through the normal qualification system due to injury, pregnancy, nationality dispute etc.
      3. The OFI will only consider nominations for awarded team universality or re-allocation quota slots if the team has achieved a minimum performance standard as per the sport specific criteria agreed with the NF (each NF Nomination Policy will clearly state what they consider a Team).
    1. NF and OFI Approval – All Nomination Policies must be approved in writing by the relevant NF Board and the OFI prior to publication.

The nomination and selection of athletes to the 2023 Irish European Games Team will result from a graduated process of checks and balances to ensure the agreed criteria are applied correctly and to provide extra assurance to athletes that their selection is confirmed by a robust process. The subsequent steps in the process are as follows (the timelines are sport specific and clearly documented within the relevant sport sections):

Step 1: The Irish Qualification period closes.

Step 2: The Nomination Committee convenes and applies the agreed nomination criteria for the sport. Athletes are informed of their pre-nomination status.

Step 3: Sport specific appeal period including internal NF appeal process and external SDSI appeal process if required.

Step 4: Formal nomination of athletes by the Chair of the Nomination Committee to the OFI. All appeals must be concluded before this can happen.

Step 5: The OFI Selection Committee convenes to ratify the NF Nomination after confirming that the criteria have been applied correctly.

Step 6: Athletes are informed of their selection by the Chef de Mission. Should the OFI Selection Committee not select a nominated athlete, the athlete has the right to use the Selection Appeal Process.


The timelines for nomination and selection are sport specific and laid out in subsequent sections of this document. The close of the Irish qualification period for specific sports is final and will supercede the closing date for athletes to achieve qualifying performances as per the Kraków 2023 Qualification Guide.

    1. Nomination Committees should be made up of a minimum of three voting members, save where the NF seeks permission from the OFI to have less than three voting members. In such circumstances the NF shall set out the reasons justifying why the Nomination Committee should comprise less than three voting members, and the OFI shall have sole discretion to decide whether to grant such permission. There may be more than three voting members but an odd number is recommended to avoid a dead-lock.
    1. All relevant information and paperwork should be circulated to the Committee Members in advance of the meeting to allow sufficient time for review to enable informed decision making to occur at the meeting.
    1. An independent non-voting chairperson should be appointed. Ideally this person should have proven chairing skills and experience of high performance selection.
    1. Detailed meeting notes must be recorded giving clear rationale for decisions on nomination or non-nomination and retained by the chairperson of the Nomination Committee.
    1. NF Nomination criteria must be applied in full fairly and consistently.
    1. Where there is any actual or potential conflict of interest or loyalty e.g. where a member of the committee is a personal coach of an athlete, this potential conflict must be declared before the convening of the meeting and this person should be replaced on the committee by another suitably qualified member.
    1. The communication of an athlete’s pre-nomination status must be communicated respectfully. The Nomination Committee Chairperson and Performance Director should give careful consideration to how the information is communicated to all Long List athletes. Formal communication should be in writing.
    1. The Selection Committee shall be made up of three members appointed by the OFI Executive Committee comprising the following members:
      1. OFI Chief Executive Officer (Chair)
      2. Kraków 2023 Chef de Mission
      3. OFI Executive Committee member. This member will be appointed in advance of each selection meeting and will be selected from those members who do not have any association with the sport being selected.
    1. Detailed meeting notes must be recorded giving clear rationale for decisions on selection or non-selection and retained by the chairperson of the Selection Committee.
    1. Any perceived or known conflict of interest or loyalty will be declared by a Committee Member in advance and subsequent action will be taken to protect the integrity of the selection process.

In accordance with the NF Agreement, there will be two types of appeal, namely Nomination Appeals and Selections Appeals.

    1. Nomination Appeals
      1. Any Athlete on the Long List may appeal against their nomination or non-nomination by the NF to the Provisional Nomination List in accordance with the procedures set out in set out in the NF’s Appeals Process.
      2. The final right of any Nomination Appeal shall be to SDSI.
      3. The decision of the SDSI shall be final and binding on the parties.
      4. Where the OFI is not a party to a Nomination Appeal, the NF consents to the circulation of the decision of the SDSI Hearing and any other documents (in respect of that Nomination Appeal) to the OFI and to any other party specified by the OFI.
      5. The OFI and/or their legal representative reserves the right to observe the SDSI Nomination Appeal.
      6. The NF shall not nominate any athlete while any internal appeals process is ongoing and shall confirm same in the athlete nomination form.
    1. Selection Appeals
      1. Any Nominated Athlete may appeal against their selection or non-selection by the OFI to the SDSI in accordance with clause 6.2(ii) below (“Selection Appeal”). This appeal to the OFI selection decision shall only be available to Nominated Athletes on the following grounds:
        1. That the selection decision was affected by actual bias
        2. There was no basis upon which the OFI’s decision could be reasonably made;
      2. The procedure for a Selection Appeal shall be as follows:
        1. Within 48 hours of receiving the OFI’s notice of their non-selection, the Athlete must file and serve (on the respective CEOs of the OFI and NF) a Notice of Appeal with SDSI setting out clearly the grounds upon which they dispute their non-selection.
        2. Thereafter the SDSI Procedural Rules shall apply.
        3. Any party to a Selection Appeal decision of SDSI may appeal such a decision to CAS in accordance with its rules.
      3. Throughout any Selection Appeals process, all parties must use their best endeavours, acting in good faith, to resolve the dispute through communication and any communications made for the purposes this process may be made on a without prejudice basis and kept confidential between the parties.

The following will apply for all sports unless otherwise indicated in sport specific sections below:

    1. The Board of Directors of the Olympic Federation of Ireland will be the final decision making body in ratifying the position of all athletes and support staff on the 2023 Irish European Games Team.
    2. The individuals named on the NF nomination committees in this document are correct at the time of publication. The NFs retain the right to amend the composition of any nomination committee without further notice to athletes.
    3. The nomination criteria are subject to change, should there be any material amendment to the Kraków 2023 Qualification Guide by either the EOC, Kraków 2023 or the relevant International Federation for the sport. Any amendment to the nomination criteria by a National Federation can only be undertaken following written approval from the OFI. Any amendment must be clearly communicated to all Long List athletes.

The following will apply for all sports in addition to any NF and/or IF specific eligibility criteria which are detailed in the relevant section. To be eligible for selection athletes must:

    1. Be on the Long List
    2. Hold a valid Irish Passport.
    3. Comply with the provisions of the Olympic Charter currently in force.
    4. Have completed the Team Ireland Kraków 2023 Team Member Agreement.
    5. Have completed the EOC Conditions of Participation form (if available at time of nomination).
    6. Have achieved the Minimum Qualifying Standard and any additional performance standard set by the NF.
    7. Have completed the on-line anti-doping course through Sport Ireland or Sport NI AND a Sport Ireland or Sport NI approved anti-doping workshop within 12 months prior to the nomination date.
    8. Is not currently serving a period of ineligibility or period of provisional suspension in relation to an anti-doping rule violation.
    9. Have completed the IOC Preventing Competition Manipulation online course.
    10. Have completed the OFI Medical Data Capture Survey (if available at time of nomination).
    11. Have demonstrated to the satisfaction of their NF that they are fit to perform at a sufficiently competitive level at the Games.
    12. Has not acted in such a manner so as to bring himself/herself, the NF, the sport, the IF, the OFI, the IOC or the EOC into current disrepute. For the avoidance of doubt: the evaluation of this requirement is at the sole discretion of the NF Nomination Committee for the purposes of Nomination and at the sole discretion of the OFI Selection Committee for the purposes of Selection: the public disrepute referred to within this clause includes potential and/or actual disrepute; an example of such public disrepute may include (but is not limited to) an athlete being charged with or convicted of a criminal offence.



National Federation

Padel Federation of Ireland (PFI)

International Federation

International Padel Federation (FIP)

Team Leader

Naomi Nicholl

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee will me made up of exclusively of three members of the Padel Federation of Ireland High performance team

  1. Head Coach of the PFI
  2. High performance coach
  3. Assistant Coach

Qualification Slot

Quota places are allocated to the NOC

Eligibility Criteria

As per section 8 of this document.

Additional eligibility criteria specific to the Sport:

  • Athlete must have a valid license issued by the PFI, affiliation for new individuals open available on or
  • Comply with PFI Code of conduct
  • Compliance with the Olympic Charter – all athletes must respect and comply with the provisions of the Olympic Charter currently in force, including but not limited to Rule 41 (Nationality of Competitors) and Rule 43 (World Anti-Doping Code and the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of Manipulation of Competitions).
  • Compliance with the conditions of participation established by the EOC, and the rules of the International Padel Federation
  • Be committed to the agreed training and competition programme
  • Have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Padel Federation of Ireland that they are fit to perform to their fullest capability in the upcoming Championships
  • Have acted in such a manner so as not to bring himself/herself, the sport, the Padel Federation of Ireland, the International Padel Federation, the OFI or the IOC into public disrepute
  • Have provided all details as requested by the OFI
  • Remain in ‘good standing’ with the PFI and at all times comply with any established code of conduct or athlete agreement and otherwise conduct themselves in a way that does not bring their sport or National Team into disrepute
  • Complete required antidoping education

Universality / Re-allocation

Universality / re-allocation places will only be considered in accordance with Clause 1.7 of this document.

Notes to Nomination Criteria

As per section 7 of this document.

Nomination Criteria

The following criteria will be used by the Padel Federation of Ireland nomination committee to make their decision;

The selection of athletes will be governed by the criteria of the PFI Nomination Committee, which will include, but is not limited to, the participation and results obtained by each player in the official competitions held November 1st  2019 to March 31st 2023.

The Nomination panel may also exercise their sole and overriding discretion to consider any factor, or number of factors, that in their opinion, are relevant to the nomination of an athlete, including, but not limited to the following principles:

  • Point scoring potential
  • Consistency and repeatability of performances
  • Championship performance history
  • Injury and illness history
  • Future major championship potential

Selection sessions will be held to evaluate the technique and tactical abilities of players after the closing of the long list.

The Selection sessions will evaluate the technical, strategic, physical and mental abilities of the players.

Using technical and tactical parameters, including, but not limited to, the following will be examined;

  • Swing analysis
  • Stroke analysis – basic, special and definition
  • Shot effectiveness: Shot-Making/Selection/Direction
  • Accuracy and Error Reduction
  • Break points
  • Smash
  • Groundstroke
  • Volley
  • Offence and Defence Strategy and Ability
  • Pairing Compatibility
  • Hand Dominance
  • Correct execution of the "Viper", "Bandeja", "little" topspin shot to the fence
  • Topspin shot from 3 meters
  • Flat shot
  • Volley Drop shots
  • Ability to dominate the use of walls in defence
  • Counterattack ability
  • Wall descent ability
  • Physical ability
  • Speed of movement
  • Movement patterns and distance covered
  • Rate of play
  • Rally time
  • Number of shots per point
  • and competition tactics will also be evaluated.
  • Fitness level – including, but not limited to, endurance, core strength, agility, balance, coordination, concentration

Following the selection process, the best 16 male players and 16 female players chosen by the PFI Nomination Committee, will be called for further training.

After the above training and evaluation process, the competition committee will nomination to the OFI, the final 4 selected players who are to represent Ireland in the European games.

May 27th and 28th - the selected 4 players will train in Dublin with the National Coaching Team.


Should a player withdraw or be removed for any reason, including injury or illness, their replacement will be selected from the list of substitutes to be named at the time of nomination.


Athletes may be deselected at any stage for the following reasons:

a) Anti-doping: Athletes that are suspended as a result of on-going or concluded anti-doping charges will be deselected.

b) Fitness: Athletes may, at the discretion of the HPD/Performance Lead, be required to undergo a fitness test after being selected / nominated where there are concerns over the athlete’s capability to compete to the level required for the European Games. This will be in line with the OFI Fitness to Compete Policy. Any selection decision, following such a test, will be final.

c) Injury:  An assigned Medical Team can be asked to examine any athlete injury concerns identified by the PFI Nomination Committee, following selection or nomination. After selection by the OFI, this examination will be led by the OFI Chief Medical Officer and be in line with the OFI Fitness to Compete Policy. Any selection decision, following such a medical examination, will be final.

d) Preparation: Where an athlete’s training and preparation for a tournament is below the standard expected or they fail to participate in organised squad training sessions, he or she may, at the sole discretion of the PFI Nomination Committee, be deselected.

e) Policies: Athletes in breach of PFI or OFI Team Member policies, (including this selection policy), and codes of conduct or athlete agreements may be deselected.

f) Ineligibility: where information confirms that the athlete is not actually eligible to compete. Any decisions on deselection made following selection by the OFI will be made in consultation with the PFI

Nomination Appeal Process

In the event that a player wishes to appeal against a decision made by the Padel Federation of Ireland in relation to nomination, the player shall have a right to appeal in writing to the secretary at the The appeal must be made in writing by 23rd of May 2023 at 23.59 hours with the supporting and sufficient documentation. And must be accompanied by €50.  If the appeal is upheld the deposit will be refunded. Within two working days of receiving the appeal, the secretary (or an appointed deputy) of the Padel Federation of Ireland will appoint a group of three selected people, including one non padel person ‘Appeal Committee’ that will investigate the issues of the appeal. No member of the Appeal Committee shall have been involved in the original nomination and selection process.

The Secretary will inform, in writing, all parties of the decision to uphold or reject the appeal.

All decisions issued by the appeals procedure may be appealed exclusively by referral to Sport Dispute Solutions Ireland, within 48 hours from receipt of such decision, for final and binding arbitration in accordance with the Sport Dispute Solutions Ireland Arbitration Rules. Each party will bear its own costs throughout the process. The Secretary will set appropriate deadlines s for the process of appeals to minimize disruptions to the competition.


Date Event

10th February 2023 Nomination policy published

10th February – 21st May 2023 Qualification period

31st march 2023 Deadline for inclusion on the OFI LL

22nd May 2023 Nomination committee meeting and LL athletes informed of nomination status

23rd May 2023 23.59 deadline for appeals from LL players for non-nomination

TBA Selection by the OFI Selection Committee

TBA Team Announcement (this will be led by the OFI)

2nd June 2023 European Games sport entries deadline

21st June – 2nd July 2023 European Games 2023

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