World Padel Tour

Sep 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

World Padel Tour is the number one professional padel circuit worldwide. It gathers the best players from all around the world and has its central headquarters in Spain, where 12 of the 16 tournaments in the calendar are developed.

This young sport has lived to see a great professional outburst in the last 10 years. After a big blast in Argentina in the 90s, the new century saw an increase of importance in tournaments on Spanish soil. From 2015 the relish for this sport has experienced a constant growth, in line with the enlargement of the number of players.

Every tourney unites an average of 20,000 fans in stadiums with a capacity of over 5000 spectators.

These numbers set Padel as the third sport only behind football and basketball, overcoming other old-established sports such as handball or indoor football.