Development Programmes

The PFI recognises the importance and works on the development of girls and women in Padel.

The Adolescent Girls Get Active Research Report, commissioned by Sport Ireland, and funded through the Dormant Accounts Fund, was undertaken by Women in Sport UK.

The research shows that “teenage girls, aged 13 -25, in Ireland have a narrow, and often negative experience of a small number of traditional (and dominant) team sports in Ireland, and think this is all that sport is and can be” For this reason, padel is in a great position, as a new and exciting sport, to address this drop and encourage girls to re-engage with sport.

Ref: New research shows reasons many Irish teenage girls don’t take part in sport (

Recognising this decline, we are currently working with female schools to promote the inclusion of padel as a new sport for girls of the above age category.



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