Strategic Plan

Our five year strategic plan is to now build on the success of our achievements and the continuous growth of padel here in Ireland .

To look back on our previous five year strategic plan we have hit our goals and surpassed expectations in developing and regulating the sport of Padel here in Ireland. In 2018 we achieved affiliation to the World Governing Body of Padel (FIP) and to European Padel Federation (FEPA).

When we first set out, our main aim was to “promote the knowledge and the practice of padel in Ireland with the view to reaching players”, now we are in a position where we need to cater for this ever-growing number of players, as their level increases, by facilitating their growth and development through training and competition. We have developed the National Irish Padel team, sending teams to represent Ireland in the International and European official competitions, and we have the Irish Padel Tour (IPT) National Ranking.

The number of padel players in Ireland is continuing to grow at an impressive rate and we need to see the infrastructure to support this exponential growth. Our Strategic plan is a living document and if we use it as a benchmark we will successfully increase the number of people who play padel over the next few years, The continued involvement from all of our members and stakeholders will determine the success of our plan and will contribute to the benefit of the sport in Ireland.

We endeavour to continue to work on the growth in the following areas;

  • The continued increase of the geographical spread of Padel in Ireland
  • The continued support of the creation and development of new padel facilities – clubs, gyms, schools, colleges, hotels and residential estates
  • The continued support for new clubs including training of staff and coaches
  • To secure Ireland’s selection/participation in the European Games 2023
  • Junior participation at a competitive level
  • High- performance supports
  • Rolling out of our Women in Sport training programme
  • Wheelchair padel at a social and competitive level
  • Increased school participation to include a school league
  • Third – level league
  • Disability inclusion




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