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As the Padel Federation of Ireland (PFI), we recognise the importance of promoting gender equality and ensuring that women have equal opportunities to participate in padel. We are committed to developing and implementing a women in sport policy that addresses the barriers that women face in sports and promotes their inclusion and representation in the sport of padel.

Our women in sport policy includes the following elements:

  1. Equality of opportunity: The PFI ensures that women have equal opportunities to participate in padel, including access to facilities, equipment, and coaching. We actively encourage women’s participation in the sport through our programs, community events, and partnerships with organisations that promote women’s sports.
  2. Leadership and governance: The PFI promotes gender diversity in leadership positions, including on our board and in decision-making roles. We actively encourage the recruitment and retention of female coaches, officials, and volunteers, and provide opportunities for women to participate in leadership and governance roles within the organisation.
  3. Athlete welfare: The PFI prioritises the welfare of female athletes, including their physical and mental health, and protection from harassment and abuse. We have policies and procedures in place to ensure that all athletes, including women, are treated with dignity and respect.
  4. Promotion and media coverage: The PFI aims to increase the visibility of women in padel by promoting their achievements and increasing media coverage of women’s padel events. We work to ensure that women’s padel events are given the same level of promotion and coverage as men’s events.
  5. Research and data collection: The PFI encourages research and data collection on women’s participation in padel to inform future policy development. We work with researchers and organisations to collect data on women’s participation and use this data to develop strategies to promote gender equality in the sport.
  6. Partnership and collaboration: The PFI encourages partnerships and collaboration between sports organisations, government, and other stakeholders to advance gender equality in sports. We work with other organisations to promote women’s sports and to advocate for gender equality in the sports industry.

Overall, the PFI’s women in sport policy is an important step towards promoting gender equality and ensuring that women have equal opportunities to participate in padel. We are committed to implementing this policy and to promoting the inclusion and representation of women in the sport of padel.

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