Mission statement

The mission of the Padel Federation of Ireland is to continue to foster and promote the growth, development, and excellence of padel throughout Ireland. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant padel community that embraces inclusivity, sportsmanship, and passion for the game. Our commitment is to:


Promote Padel Excellence

We continue to strive to elevate the standard of padel in Ireland, nurturing talented players and providing the resources and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential. This includes supporting new clubs and facilities with technical advice on the building of their courts, ongoing training of their staff to inclusion the National Padel Tour


Promote the Growth of Junior Players

We recognise the importance of nurturing young talent and are dedicated to creating pathways and programs that inspire and develop junior padel players. Our goal is to instill a lifelong love for the sport in the next generation.


Expand Access

We aim to make padel accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, by facilitating the establishment of padel facilities, promoting grassroots initiatives, and advocating for the sport’s inclusion in schools and communities.


Cultivate Sportsmanship

We emphasise the values of fairness, respect, and integrity both on and off the padel court. We believe that these principles are fundamental to the spirit of the sport.


Foster Community

We are committed to building a strong and supportive padel community in Ireland. We encourage collaboration, and a sense of belonging among players, clubs, and enthusiasts.


Advance Education

We are dedicated to educating players, coaches, officials, and fans about the rules, techniques, and etiquette of padel, ensuring that the sport is enjoyed to its fullest. We provide the official.


Advocate Sustainability

We recognise the importance of environmental responsibility and strive to promote sustainable practices within the sport, from court construction to event organisation.


Collaborate Globally

We are affiliated to, and work directly with, the World Governing Body of Padel (FIP) and aim to provide all opportunities to enhance our players’ exposure to international competition and training.


Innovate and Adapt

We embrace innovation and are committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in padel technology, training methods, and tournament organisation.

Our mission is to continue to support the geographical spread of padel around Ireland, with a special focus on nurturing the talent and enthusiasm of junior players.

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