Message from the President of the Padel Federation of Ireland

Dec 31, 2020 | News

Dear Padel players around Ireland,

As this unusual year draws to a close, I am sure we all can’t help but reflect on how every aspect of our lives has been impacted and how we all struggle to maintain some sense of normality.

First, I would like to send my thoughts and regards to everyone who has been affected by this virus, and express in return gratitude to all front line workers for their hard work. Thank you for your compassion, dedication and courage.

Wishing our Padel players, of all ages, the very best amid these immense difficulties and many thanks to all of our terrific partners for their continuous support.

The Padel community has done us all proud. Our projects have continued to move forward despite the numerous and considerable challenges.

Huge thanks to our Padel Federation team for your professionalism, resilience and positive attitude. Without the resourcefulness, creativity and work ethics you showed, it would have not been possible to carry on in such insurmountable challenges. Thank you, in particular, to the coaches for their commitment in keeping the children’s lessons going despite the ongoing difficulties.

Finally, in what has been a difficult year for so many, the Padel Federation of Ireland (PFI) is thankful for all of you who have continued to keep our organisation active, vibrant and vigorous.

Thank you to the International (FIP) and European (FEPA) Federations for your continued support to help the growth of Padel in Ireland.

The New Year will bring new padel projects and facilities both in Dublin and countrywide. This will be the year of expansion and we hope to get to many places where there are padel players but not padel courts as yet. We count on your support!

Wishing you all a very safe 2021, and may the New Year bring good health, happiness and prosperity.

Yours in sport,

Naomi Nicholl
President of the Padel Federation of Ireland